Somehow the animals are always the first to know. Wheather it's a hurricane or if your in danger. They know. But how? Do they have a special connection? Is this one or their features? Is this a purpose?

I find they also know how to cheer you up. -Cats especially <3- How do they know this? Is this the sixth sense? Can they read minds or something? I know they're not dumb, but this is something we can't get a handle on. Obviously, strong winds, hail warnings means a hurricane. But before those, if you don't know the animals warn you.

What are your views on this?

I feel that animals -pets mostly due to more experience.- have a special connection with humans. Sure you may not like a cat or a dog, but they cheer you up. They're meant to connect with you. The sixth sense - Connectivity. Like Bluetooth... But you need to press yes for your own good.