People who have played Tabletop RPGs (especially GMs) know that tracking everything can be an absolute mongrel. So I decided that it would be ideal to have a list of utilities that people get to help them in their RPing. Feel free to reply and add your own programs.

initiativetool [Java based] [Freeware]
This tool is absolutely amazing. It is essentially a java based combat tracker. But I also use it as a huge character database. You can save encounters which allows the DM to pre-roll initiative and save a heap of time at the start of combat.

It is a little sketchy to use when you first begin, but after a few minutes of practice, this baby is a great time save. And it also is useable in D20 3.5, Savage Worlds, Heroes and GURPS.

Autorealm [Windows] [Freeware]
This is probally my favorite piece of mapping software for interiors (I never really got into Dungeon Designer). It's very easy to use and intuitive. And the price is right.

Campaign Cartogropher [Windows] [Price Varies]
This is probally the best exterior mapper I've ever used. It has great icons and is very powerful. It is easy to use a variety of plugins and may or may not be worth the price depending on how serious you are with mapping. I haven't had a chance to use version 3 yet though, but it certainly looks nice.

So if you have any pieces of software, we on this hallow forum would love to hear about them.