I am new to this forum and I'm glad to have found somewhere I can discuss something I enjoy. Anyway, I have noticed that Gundam Wing is regarded as crap amongst Gundam fans. I know some people like the Mobile Suit Gundam, G Gundam but it seems like there is universal hate for GW. I just wanted to know why.

Like a lot of people, I watched GW when it aired for the first time on CN. I didn't really pay attention the story much because I was young. All I cared about was exploding Leos. After watching the show again this past summer, I realized how good the story is. I love the political element and how there aren't clear "good guys" and "bad guys". As much as I love the show, I'll admit, there are some negatives. The voice acting in the dubbed episodes can be painful. The stock footage can really cheapen the value of battles and there are some plot holes.

To me though, the positives outweigh the negatives. I have heard people complain there is no character development. That isn't true. Relena, Heero and Zechs all develop throughout the show. Even minor characters such as Hilde develop. The philosophy in the show was very good(if you can get past the voice acting) and some of the battles were very good. Top that with an unbelievable soundtrack, and you have a great anime.

I'm not trying to change anyone's opinion but I just want to express how I feel about the show and ask why people dislike it so much.