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It's so easy to brush off the stuff he went through because no one has ever been through it. In fact, I don't really think any character in the series has (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong), except maybe Itachi himself. And it's sort of hard to "realize" anything when your life path basically consists of killing a single person. Do you "realize" how much malice in one's heart that creates, when that's all you live for?

And you proved my point about Itachi. He made a brilliant plan, but he failed to realize the influence he had on his own brother, and to a (possibly equal) extent, Orochimaru. Also the Genjutsu was a bit much, don't you think? He wasn't anything more than a boy; that's just torture.

Let's just go ahead and acknowledge that Sasuke was a good kid before Itachi slaughtered the clan. He was a great friend and teammate (albeit he didn't really outwardly show his friendship) before Orochimaru got his clutches on him. How is such a young kid supposed to withstand all of that?

Nope thats just your opinion. Besides as cocky as his family clan was I'd like to think he was setup to be an *** either way.