History: In the Incubation Stage there were only Seven. When they emerged from the Incubation there was nothing. They traveled the universe for years searching for something...anything. After a millenia of searching they found Brylan.

On Brylan lived two brothers known simply as the One and the Nothing. They were exact opposites in every way their differences led to a fierce battle. The Seven tried to bring peace by agreeing to protect the One. Their talents were considerable alone but together the Seven were nearly unbeatable.

The Nothing was enraged and settled down to wait his rage growing with every year that passed. When the One and the Seven were lulled into believing the Nothing had given up he struck. One at a time the Seven fell each imprisoned in their own personal Hell. The Nothing then focused on his brother. The One in desperation locked himself away and cast a reincarnation spell. Unbeknownst to him his brother was caught in it too.

Now in the year 2345, everything has risen to a boiling point and the ancient battle between the One and the Nothing will finish itself out. The Seven have regained their memories and are in hiding so they do not attract attention. In this new world they blend in perfectly. Maybe they are your neighbor or the woman with the dog or even the teenager that lives in the skate park. The war will end for better or for worse it's up to the Fates.

Incubation Stage- Before there was a world everything was in limbo a blank darkness. Eventually through a great event that the Goddess Mylen orchestrated their was a world for the Seven to Search.

The Seven- The pivotal creatures that are sworn to protect the One with their lives. They are known as: The Healer, The Planter, The Sky, The Earth, The Creator, The Pyschic and The Knowledge-Keeper.

The One- Brother to the Nothing he represents light and purity.

The Nothing- Brother to the One the Nothing represents darkness and evil.

Brylan- The first planet Brylan is the setting of our story.

Sample Character Sheet:
Name: (put the Title after the name here if you are the One the Nothing or one of the Seven)
Age: (18+)
Alliance: (the One and the Seven, the Nothing, Neutral [these people need to a pick a side at some point if you take too long I'll pick for you])
Appearance: (Picture or description)
Power(s): (this is for the One the Nothing and the Seven only)
Weapon(s): (I prefer only those without powers have weapons)
Bio: (background stuff. Let's say about five sentences.)

Sample Character(s):
Name: Edward (The Healer)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Alliance: Is the Leader of the Seven
Appearance: Edward
Power(s): When he touches a person he is able to heal their wound but the wound is transferred to him. If he were to heal a dying man then he would take the dying man's place in death.
Weapon(s): Edward does not have a weapon
Bio: Edward is the Leader of the Seven because he was the first to emerge from the Incubation Stage. Edward's personal Hell was enough to give him severe mental problems he emerged into his reincarnation with those and a heavy sense of guilt for "allowing" that to happen. His second life was easy and pretty much normal for the most part. However he began to get flashes of "memory" and that worried his parents because he would simply stare into space and then spout off and ancient tongue. Eventually he learned how to control these episodes and later they finished when his memories were complete. He embarked on a quest to find the rest of his friends and finished just last year. Now his goals are to protect the One and help defeat the Nothing.

Name: Lyla
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Alliance: the Nothing
Appearance: Lyla
Power(s): Lyla has no powers herself but is allowed to tap into the Nothing's powers.
Weapon(s): She has several laser guns, a Dial (a weapon designed to incapcitate a target by cutting off all their senses it lasts anywhere from five seconds to twenty), and a sword
Bio: Lyla grew up with a strange sense of expectation. She was never a normal girl because she seemed to delight in gore. Eventually she became aware of her destructive powers and unleashed them on her own family, it was her first act for the Nothing. After killing her family Lyla was drawn to the Nothing. She is constantly near or around him and seems to be an extension of him.

(Note: Whoever takes the Nothing will have to mention Lyla and they need to be in close contact with me so I can help direct the RP)