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Thread: Just Finished the series

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    Default Just Finished the series

    After watching the YYH on toonami and adult swim YEARS ago, i finally took the time to watch all the episodes and i must say.....its by far the best anime series i've ever seen. It even competes with the DB series, which is like 6x longer.

    After finishing it, i couldnt believe it was over. I had mixed feelings of joy and sadness at the same time. Joy for all the friends staying together and close, as well as sadness that the series is over! Everything fit together perfectly in the end, but they could have added 3 more episodes to the last saga to show the rest of the fights cause it seemed a bit rushed to finish.

    And finally in the end, it had to end in the brilliant saying "forever fornever". I couldn't understand it at first, but now watching the last episode again, it IS trully brilliant. I think it means all good things must come to an end, as they are opposites. It's just an epic ending that makes the audience think and make their own opinions.

    All in all, AGHH i cant believe its over im so depressed now and cant stop watching reruns! keep the discussion flame going guys! a lot of YYH forums are dying and i dont want that to happen to such a GREAT story and masterpiece. ugh i had to get the rant off my chest

    YYH forever fornever!
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