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You're in my head right? Your in my subconcious interperating my thoughts. HONESTLY!!! I was watching it the other night and Lelouch and I used the same word at the same time which was "Hypocrite" And I nearly busted a gut because "hypocrite" is the exact word I'd apply to Suzaku.

I USED to compare Lelouch with Light Yagami, but I realize that their is a FINE LINE between Outspoken broken-hearted rebel fighting for the little guy and a psycho crazed murderer who would kill someone for stealing a peice of bread or being "imoral" who has no concept of "seccond chances". Light is closer to Brittannia in my eyes. But thats Just how I see it. Sure, Lelouch is violent, but at times like that, sometimes you HAVE to be violent!

Let me ask you something. If a crazy empire conquered your country, took away all your customs and culture, then gave you a NUMBER as a race and treated you like crap becouse you actually CAME from the country you live in... would you

A. Be more than a little ticked, and try to fight to expell the invaders from your land


B. Drop ALL of your dignity and JOIN them in destroying the ONE REAL HOPE for your people.................O.o?

Thats just what I beleive O.o

Sorry to Suzaku fans, I repect him but he made a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD choice^^!!
yep don't you see my location "in your mind"?! but seriously I hope Suzaku gets shot or something I don't care how many Suzaku fans go in my inbox yelling at me because I tell things how it is... but right now LeLouch is turning into a bit of a pansy.. he's questioning himself again and to a point starting to lose hope I'm at the episode in R2 when he comes on his knightmare to say I'll go in the special area ( place where everyone's equal numbers and Britainnians alike) so yeah as I said... SOMEONE SHOOT SUZAKU!!!!!