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Thread: One thing I don't get about bleach *spoilers*

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    Default One thing I don't get about bleach *spoilers*

    Ichigo beat Kenpachi before learning bankai and defeated Byakuya, and Uryu defeated Kurotsuchi with his original quincy powers and bow. But Ichigo had to learn to be a Vaizard before defeating Grimmjow and now somehow Kenpachi and Kurotsuchi can stand toe to toe with Espada and Nnoritra is stronger then Grimmjow, but Kenpachi seems to be doing just fine against him, and Byakuya just killed LeRoux. I don't get how if these Captains were this strong why did they get defeated by Ichigo and Uryu. I am glad they are strong though I love seeing the Captains fight.
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