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Thread: OOC: Tales of Xerania

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    Default OOC: Tales of Xerania

    I really have never used or seen one of these so I don't know what they are good for, but here's the OOC thread for Tales of Xerania guys.

    NPC Info:

    Warrior Guild Registration and Job Manager:
    Name: Genzo Renerd
    Age: 34
    Sex: Male
    Weapon: two handed lance
    Appearence: He's buff, tall, and bald, wears lancer armor when in battle, which is rarely, normally wears a white longsleeve shirt with a brown leather vest over it anf black pants and boots.
    Personality: hard on new comers, but only because he only wants the best of the best in the guild. He is over all a nice guy and easy to get along with.
    Job: Registers people into the Warrior Guild and keeps track of jobs that are available and updates the bulletin board for the warrior guild.

    Mage Guild Registration and Job Manager:
    Name: Maxi Foster
    Age: 23
    Sex: female
    Weapon: fire magi gun staff (A staff that shoots out fire magic at it's point)
    Appearence: short and tiny frame, she has only a slight figure that can be seen in her mage dress, which is purple and goes down just to her knees. She has short blonde and pink eyes over which she had large circle framed glasses.
    Personality: A big ditz, she's so clumsy that she was given the job or reigistering ne people to the guild for fear of accidentally attacking allies in battle. She's nice enough to get along with but can be a bit over dramatic at times
    Job: Registers perople into the mage guild, and keeps up with jobs availabe at the mage guild and updates mage guild bulletin board.

    Thief Guild Registration and Job Manager:
    Name: Connor McCannon
    Age: 24
    Sex: male
    Weapon: twin baldes
    Appearence: tall and lean, with a handsome face, black hair with one green streak and bright green eyes. Wears a black leather shirt with sleeves that cut off at the shoulder and black pants and shoes. Also wears a black leather wrist band on each hand nad has a three ring black tattoo around his neck
    Personality: clam and centered, he is the only registration officer of all the guilds that does the same ammount of jobs he did before he bacame a registration officer. He is the center of unwanted attention with most of the ladies and normally doesn't mind company as long as they don't have hyper fan girl qualities.
    Job: registering new members of the thief guild and keeping up with jobs available and updating the thief guild bulletin board

    Priest Guild Registration and Job Manager:
    Name: Ariela Vistreve
    Age: 36
    Sex: female
    Weapon: poison and purification balls
    Appearence: average hieght and body shape, she has blue eyes and brown hair. She is always seen wearing the priest robes, which are white with grey and blue lining that goes down to the ankles, is long sleeve and has prayer bead belts on the waist, even when not on duty
    Personality: kind and caring, a very motherly figure she's very kind to new comers and trys to make sure that everyone around her is comforable.
    Job: registering new members of the priest guild and keeping up with jobs for the priest guild and updating the priest guild bulletin board.

    Xeraniean Knights: (Xeraniean knights are informed of jobs by nameless squires who deliver a parchment with the job information on it normally, but for high up jobs Lord Alviston gives them the information in a briefing)

    Name: Lord Alviston Shambers
    Age: 58
    Sex: Male
    Weapon: one handed sword and shield
    Appearence: short and fat, has curly brown hair and blue eyes, wears whit robes with read over hangings with a golden lion stictched into them.
    Personality: he doesn't care for squires but knows how to pick them. He's snobby and pigheaded in the fact that he gives women knights and squires a hard time, he doesn't belive they should be knights, and that squires are all arrogant imbiciles. If he dislikes someone enough he will ocassionally abuse his powers over squires and get them removed from the knights.
    Job: One of the high counsilmen of Xerania, also one of the judges of squire entry exams

    Bulletin Boards: (What jobs are available to what guilds and what other guilds does the job require)

    Title: Trade with City of the Dwarves
    Objective: Deliver the next payment for weapons to the City of Dwarves. Bring back a the shipment of weapons and a message from the Dwarves for the Guild Leaders of the Warrior and Thief Guilds safely.
    Requirements: At least two members of warrior guild, other guilds are allowed to join as long as the team isn't bigger than four people.
    Reward: 1500 gold for the whole team to split.
    Note from the Guild: If you guys mess up this trade we'll gut you! ...Good luck!

    Title: Mage Stone Retrieval
    Obejective: A load of mystic stones was lost in an accident around Stormwind Peak. Go to the peak and search for the stones and bring them back to the guild safley.
    Requirements: At least one member of the mage guild and advised to have a member of the warriors guild and a member of the thief guild to accompany.
    Reward: 1150 gold for the team to spilt
    Note from the guild: There are lots of bandits so you may need a thief to steal something back and someone to provide some muscle, don't attempt this alone you guys! We need these stones for essential research, good luck.

    Title: Bandit Raiders Raid
    Objective: Some bandits were able to break into the town library and mage library and steal some important books. We need a thief to steal them back!
    Requirements: One or two max thief mission, suggested solo mission for maximum efficency.
    Reward: What ever the libraries are willing to pay you and what ever you steal in the proccess of stealing the books.
    Note from the guild: Thief golden rule "If something is stolen then steal it back and stab the thief in the back!"

    Priest: (Currently doing medical research, no jobs yet)

    Xeraniean Knights:
    Title: Emisary for the Light Elves
    Objective: We need an emisary or two to travel to the City of the Light Elves and discuss a new tarde embargo system and update alliance and information with the race. Should be a safe trip with little to no conflicts on the way.
    Requirements: one knight and suggested one squire for visual aid and saftey precautions
    Rewards: honor, 500 gold reward for the knight and 250 gold reward for the squire
    Note from Lord Shambers: The squire's assisstance is NOT needed only suggested by that of Lord Chamberlen.

    Rule Breaking Strikes:

    (This area shows who has broken a rule and what the rule is, after three strikes you may no longer post in the RPG. I will put what you did wrong and in which post you did it by your name, as of right now no one has done anything wrong, although someone certainly is pushing it.)

    *Shiori Tenka*:




    Tsunami the Ice Wolf:

    Shobu Shimizu:


    seraphi demon:


    Hollow Ichigo:

    ai frostbite:

    Gate Placement:

    North: Rayne, Suzaku

    East: Alala, Maria, Lelouch

    South: Serenity, Fu

    West: Grey, Sai, Marred (for when he returns)
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