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Thread: Hi, it's me. Remember?

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    Default Hi, it's me. Remember?

    Ok, feel sorry for you guys (I've lied you dont probarly remember me cus I am new), you HAVE to listen to it. It's going to be a quite of speech.
    Allright I came to this forum randomly. I always enjoyed watching animes and reading mangas. It began with Dragon Ball anime released quite a few years ago. I didn't like the lector. Ehh, oh yeah I've got a Grandmother and parrot. Believe me you wouldn't like my Grandmother, so when you see me writing a posts completely different to my style, it will be my Granny! She's a demon.
    I have many interests, like watching what's my granny doing, watching animes, learning different languages, playing games, music and working. Ok I think that's enough, I welcome you my friends .
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