In the forest..
Sango: -Drying clothes-

Shippo:-Riding Kirara-Sango san,will we see Kagome chan and that baka tonight?

Sango:You mean Inuyasha and Kagome?Hai i think.They say they will be here at the evening^^

A figure of a young lad appear...

Sango:-Turns and look,her clothes fell-....

Miroku:-Noticed her movement-Sango,whats the matter?

Sango:-points-K-ko-h-ha-ku-u..Kohaku!!-Ran to him and hugged him-

Kohaku:-shocked-Who are you,ojou san..?

Sango:-Tears of joy-Kohaku!You're back!You're finally released from that demon..

Kohaku:-blank,knows nothing of it-??Nani..I don't remember anything..When i woke up i was lost and i ended up in here..Demo..Ojou san..-awkard-Actually...I'm quite hungry..

Sango:^^ -wipe tears away-I will bring you something,comewith me..

Miroku:Sango..Kohaku..He's back...At last.

Shippo:-dazed-Kohaku kun!Okari Nasai!! ^^

Kohaku:A-arigato..Have i seen you before,little creature..You seems familiar..^^-Pat Kirara-

Kirara:-Jumped on top of him-

Kohaku:^^|| Nice kitty..

Sango:Your food is here..Ah,Kirara..^^

Kohaku:-gets up-Food is here,so fast!-gobbled them down like a kid-

Miroku:-stand besides Sango-He's back..You can finally smile again..

Sango:I do hope that he will remember me again...My little brother...

Out of the well..

Inuyasha:Kagome..You're so slow...

Kagome: Don't say that when i am carrying the food and your noodles -.-

Inuyasha:^^|| -Scratch head-Eheheheh...

Inuyasha:We are here!