Well.... ^^;;;;;;

Please correct me if I'm wrong, if the place I posted this in isn't right.... so there.

I've returned from the inactivity grave, since I was busy with this: Midgard's Future.

Of course, for the people who play Ragnarok, this needs no explanation... xD

Basically, I started an RP [Role-Playing] site inspired by the game, and I was wondering if there are people here interested in joining the palce... we're pretty few at the moment....

The rules have been settled down, the current mods [there're only three of them but there may be more depending on the outcome of this] are really friendly, approachable...

The main plot? Well, there is no main plot, just like the game. However, you character can have their own stories, and anyone else is welcome to join in... ^^

So if you want to try it out, click here: http://midgardsfuture.tk

Just get a profile done, and if you need help, theAdmin and Mod Team will be very much willing to help out. There're also skill guides for those who want to get to know more.