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No no no. The one's I made before were not beautiful, they were rubbish. I made a background by messing around with effects and then slapping a render on top. They were in no way unique and I won't go back to that.

I'm not following tutorials. I am a professional graphic designer yo, so I don't need to. I think I know what looks good and what doesn't. I sometimes read tutorials for new techniques. I think I can do a lot of this stuff on my own. It just takes a bit of time and effort to get it right. I look on sig making as being different to what I do in the real world. It's an art in it's own right and I do have a lot more to learn in this area and I am doing my best. I don't need to revert to where I was months ago. Thank you!

...and there really is no need to quote all of those images, you could've used links. >_>
That Halloween one with the girl popping out of the background is gorgeous. The colors work well with each other and it's quite unique and beautiful. They are unique and wonderful. I didn't say revert back to that way. But you can certainly use that technique and make it better. Characters aren't suppose to hide in the background. Characters are the focal point of signatures. They aren't suppose to blend in the background. It's using the colors of the character as the background, but colors that won't make them blend. God those signatures months ago are far more beautiful then this formulaic stuff you have now.