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Thread: Bleach FanFiction: One Word

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    Default Bleach FanFiction: One Word

    Here's a Bleach one I am working on ^_^. C&C, But please, not TOO too harsh.

    “U-Uryuu...” I blinked through the tears, looking at Uryu. His face
    was a mask that potrayed no emotion as he watched me. My vision was
    starting to go fuzzy. Not good.... 'I've lost to much blood', I thought
    vaguely, struggling to stand. Uryuu’s father, Ryuuken watched in
    amusement as I collapsed back on the ground.
    “You Soul Reapers just don’t know when to quit do you?" He said
    snidely, kicking me. I drew in a sharp breath, everything hurt....
    there was blood everywhere. I didn't know where it came from. I winced,
    feeling more blood coming from my stomach. It was starting to rain. I
    knew I was going to die. Ryuuken had placed some kind of paralyzing
    kido on me. I had no chance of crawling away to safety.
    I glared up at Ryuuken. “W-Why?” I asked, it hurt to talk now too.
    “Soul Reapers disgust me. I warned my son not to affiliate with
    them. And YOU just wouldn't leave him alone.” He said. He turned and
    threw my zanpaktou to Uryuu. “We will give that to her brother as a
    warning to stay away from us quincies.” Ryuuken said, walking away from
    me. Uryuu looked at me then at the zanpakto. “Oh, and Uryuu?”
    “Yes Father?”
    “That necklace you wear.... it’s from her is it not?” Ryuuken
    asked. Uryuu looked down at the small cross on his neck. I had given it
    to him for his birthday. His eyes looked soft as he looked at it. My
    eyes stung now, there was blood running down my face. “Get rid of it
    Uryuu, prove once and for all you are done with all soul reapers. Prove
    that she matters not.” Uryuu nodded silently and took a few steps
    closer to me. I watched as he slowly took the necklace off. Something
    flickered across his face. Pain? Sadness? Then it was gone, his face
    settling back into the emotionless mask. He dropped the necklace into a
    puddle near my hand. His eyes met my eyes, then he looked away. But not
    before I saw the pain in his eyes. He walked back to his father, not
    looking at me now. Ryuuken smiled at his son. He looked at me one last
    time. “Goodbye Soul Reaper. Maybe I’ll have the pleasure of killing you
    as a Hollow.” Uryuu’s fist clenched at his father's words, but he did
    not turn. He started walking away with his father.
    I lay there, in a puddle of my blood. It was raining quite hard now.
    The pain was too much... sleep never sounded so good before. I moved my
    hand a bit. Heh, I guess the kido was wearing off. Mustering up some
    strength, I moved my hand over to Uryuu’s cross, picking it up,
    clutching it. Squeezing it, staring up at the sky. One word came out
    of my mouth. “Uryuu....” Then there was only darkness.


    Amaia Kurosaki, that was me. God, I’m so naive. I actually thought
    Soul Reapers and Quincies could get along. Uryuu was my best friend and
    we had always gotten along. But I should of known that that wouldn't
    last. I thought of my twin brother, Ichigo. He’d be pissed once he
    learned what happened to me. That I was dead... was I dead? I couldn't
    tell. What happened when Soul Reapers died?

    A sharp pain. Damn, when will this pain stop? You’d think being
    dead you wouldn't feel it. “Kisuke I think she moved!” Wait... a voice?
    It sounded kinda like Ururu, but I couldn't be sure. I took a chance
    and opened my eyes. Mistake. The light was way beyond intense. I
    quickly shut them again.
    “Are you sure?” Was that Kisuke?
    “Yeah she just opened her eyes for a second.”
    “Aww, I wanted to be here when she woke up - so the first thing
    she’d see is my beautiful face! <3”
    “She would probably fall back into a coma if she woke up and saw
    that first.” Jinta said.
    I struggled to speak but failed. I tried again. “You guys do
    realize I can hear you right?” I said, opening my eyes just a crack.
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