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Thread: Writing Contest: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: WINNERS!

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    Default Writing Contest: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words: WINNERS!

    Main contest thread.
    Voting thread.

    Aaaand the votes are in! It was neck and neck between the first and second place as well as the third and fourth place. Nobody should feel discouraged. They were all excellent entries, and I'm happy to see that the voting reflected as much.

    The winners are as follows, along with the prizes they will receive and some of the comments each entry received through the voting.

    First Place:
    Entry #3, written by Princess Ai
    Prize: 100,000 points, plus this winner's banner made by MaruDashi:

    Comments received:

    I guess if you're selling yourself and someone had painted you in your miserable state, you'd look like the woman did on the picture, torn between what's right and what was necessary. I felt that this one narrated the picture best.

    Entry 3 deserves it most because of its sheer attention to short simple detail. The story adds a degree of censorship, while showing that the person in the story is struggling within a true drama.

    Because I really like the interpretation. The description during the sex was very good, being a romance writer I was very empressed.

    A very interesting entry, while pushing the whole PG-13 when I glace back at the picture I could totally see how this entry relates to it. IMO this entry captures the true feeling of the picture; also, I like the lenght wasn't too short or too long. The story also looks like it's in the same time frame the picture.

    Very nicely written and gets the point across right away. I also like the theme of love for ones family.

    The concept was interesting, the reflection at the end, and the way the story never fully resolves itself.

    Second Place:
    Entry #1, written by Kersheys
    Prize: 50,000 points
    Comments received:

    Though entries 1 and 2 held rather similar themes, I placed entry 1 higher for impact.

    A lonely maiden is good a choice, although used very much. The concept is very solid, but its been heard once before, although having it retold always brings me a degree fascination to guess where the story goes from there.

    It was well written and short. I like how you can think more than one thing is happening. Like she's feeling warm with memories or warm with fire, like she set the house on fire or something like that.

    Because it is very well written. It's not cluttered with so much unnecessary details. Short, simple, to the point.

    While the shortest one in lenght, the imagery in it was amazing, the ending was also nice.

    I like the shortness of it. Quick, to the point, and a little bit dark. I think the writer noticed the brightness on the canvas faster than I, since at first I didn't quite catch the part about the lantern catching fire to the bed. The prose is very... prose-y. Perhaps because of its shortness the author felt compelled to make the writing as pretty as possible, but IMHO, didn't go overboard with it.

    Because it's nice and simple and didn't make me squirm a little like the other two. Sorry.^^'

    It also has very nice descriptions, however it took me a few times of re-reading it to understand what exactly was going on and who this unseen man was to the woman in the story.

    I liked the imagery but felt it was a bit short

    Third Place:
    Entry #2, written by Capernicus
    Prize: 25,000 points
    Comments received:

    I'd give this one an 'A' for effort. It was nice and well thought out. The descriptions were good though a tad too lengthy at points.

    Entry 2 was written very well, although long. But it brought much interest to me as it used actual full names along with in depth real time details that a person can relate to.

    First of all, I'm very impressed the author could come up with a story of this magnitude by looking at a painting. A princess being married away, the horrid man she's betrothed to, and the one person she will miss when she leaves.

    I think what I like best about this entry is that, unlike the others (except for #4, to an extent), it doesn't reflect solely on the picture alone and confine to a single scene. It uses it as a springboard to leap into a much bigger, much more interesting story.

    I think its the better written of the bunch, since it includes very descriptive details, but it seemed to drag on a bit more than it needed to, thus its place in second.

    I feel that Entry 2 was given the most effort out of them all.

    Fourth Place/Fabala's Pick:
    Entry #4, written by KuroTan
    Prize: 10,000 points
    Comments received:

    I love zombies, it was an automatic favorite for me. It was well written too.

    This one was pretty well writen, but what I liked most was the the last line. A zoombie XD
    "T-Thomas?” she asked, her voice faltering.
    The figure turned slowly to look at her, opened its mouth, and said “Braaaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnssssssss…”
    And then she dropped her lantern, and all was darkness.
    I didn't vote this one for frist place because it didn't match the picture as well as entry 3 did.

    Because it's funny, okay? FUNNY. A winner is humor. Brainnsss
    ... well, it's also nicely-written, too. I didn't see the zombie aspect coming at all! The humor seems a little out of place, but it actually works, as if that were the joke.
    Beautiful writing! Flowery prose! Something is amiss! The woman is a lone! Whatever happened ot her lover?! ZOMBIE. And all is darkness.
    KEKEKEKE love it.

    I thought it was creative and humerous

    Congratulations everyone ^^

    And as I was asked several times, the painting used for this contest was created by an artist named Henry Ossawa Tanner. This painting, The Annunciation (1898), was created after a trip he took to the Holy Land.
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