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Just so that all of you Lucky Star fans know this;
Tsukasa Hiiragi has been reserved by me. She is my extremely cute burden and has been for a while now. Me and her are like a PSP and UMD, a must for one-another. Therefore nobody else is allowed to state that she is theirs...she is mine! Tsukasa Hiiragi is official property if Kajiwara/[real name]..remember that!! All of you!
ok, as long as i have permission for Kagami... seeing as how she's mai wifu :3
her tsundere ways are just... amazingly cute.

also, a UMD isnt a must for a PSP... as long as you have a memory stick and a cracked PSP. my one friend has about 30 PSP games and has never put a UMD into his PSP.