Look into my window.
What do you see?
You see my color happy curtains.
Flowers adorning here and there.
Soft, warm, colors throughout the threads.
You’d never realize the hidden zipper.

Parts my curtains.
And I’ll ask what you see.
You see my happy place.
Where my childhood memories lives.
My birthdays, Christmas, that one Halloween.
All sickingly childishly happy…

Open my door
Can you see it?
All my thoughts that no one can hear
I hide them in here
Just so you’d never see them.
Thoughts that corrupt my own soul.
You’d think me rude, witty, and yet…
You’d leave me to my own darkness.

Come into my room
But let me tell you what you’d see
My tacky styles, my gloomy moods,
My bad and good memories
And how I just try and live my life.
But begin at the window.
Because that’s the only thing people see.