(My horror manga script. I don't have much in the computer since I do my manga on paper with an ink pen. I write in script style.)

Volume 1
Chpt 1, Ningen House
[Panel #1, A dark room with the sounds of scrapping tools. You see the head of woman with the eye of fear permanently stuck to her face. You see a decaying hand holding a knife.]
Voice chanting: Ningen House, I'm going to make myself a ningen house
[Scene change- A fancy looking antique bookstore. You see a woman and her child walk out. Her child has a happy face on. The camera goes inside the bookstore and you see a handsome young man placing new books on the shelf.]
Young man: Let's see what we have today.
[Suddenly the phone rings and the young man answers it.]
Young man: Nightfall Bookstore, how may I help you?
Voice on phone: I might have gotten the wrong number, I was looking for a ghost exterminator.
Young man: This is Rem Nightfall, I am a ghost exterminator...please tell me about your case.