Moribito: Gaurdian of the Spirit just started airing the English Dub on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim at 1:30 after Code Geass. I was stunned by the beausiful colors and drawings that made me feel like I was watching a movie. The stroyline as captivating and never too dull. The animation animation bests the smoothness of Code Geass and makes animations like Naruto and Bleach look futile (not that im bashing the serieses, i love Naruto). The overall look of the show is Feudal Japan and an outstanding look into the culture. It was like watching a Movie by Hayao Miyazaki. I've only seen two episodes and I am hooked. If you're looking for a new series, give this one a try.

The seroes is centered around Blasa, a bodygaurd who once let eight people close to her die. To attone, she decides to save the lives of 8 people. Having saved 7 lives, she gets her chance when she is assignes to protect a prince who is thought to be possesed by a demon. The two leave and discover more about the child's problem. If you like Miyazaki Movies or InuYasha, I strongly reccomend this anime.

suitable for male and female audiences