Gharam - Prologue

He found his mother with her face down in the kitchen sink, body slumped over the dining chair, shoulder length brown hair floating in the overflowing water, a lopsided halo. Melodies erupted from the faucet, the continuous dripping soaking his mother's yellow summer dress, her lower arms and bare legs glistening with moisture. A puddle formed on the floor, dappled with bits of noon sunlight from the window.

Allen stopped, much like how a deer would stop for a car, trapped in its shimmering, ghostly lights. He dropped his remedial school books, heart screeching to a full stop and crashing in the prison of his rib cage. There was ringing in his ears, and his breath trapped itself in mid inhale. He ran to her.


Her face was very beautiful when he pulled her out, lips with a tinge of blue, countenance peaceful. She was never this peaceful. Allen choked, taking her body in his much smaller one and closing their feeble gaps with an embrace. She was chilly, though her skin was soft and still inviting. Faucet continuing to run, they were drenched together, the boy rocking her body as he sobbed.

She was always unhappy, Allen thought, feeling guilt as he squeezed his eyes shut.


(Very short prologue, if it is too short for the forum then my apologies. Delete if needed.)