Yup, this is my first poetry ever since I've been on AF. Greetings to all poets! =^w^= I won't be posting up my thanks for your comments, though I will definitely view them over and over again - so please do comment - or criticize. ^^

Breakfast (I know, weird for a title O_O"):

Early in the morning the sun is shining dimly,
The picture with two smiling faces is still hanging on the wall.
Let's have our breakfast with them smiling at us,
Let's have a warm conversation at the table in the dining hall.

The rough memories we had were still locked in our minds,
But as soon as the days pass by eventually we'll find,
That the roses do not wilt anymore,
And the crickets in the lawn will be happy.

Even if the rain doesn't stop,
It's going to be sunny someday.
If we just hope and leave the rest to our hearts,
the road will open up and we'll find love.
Love and light to brighten up our lives,
Hope and faith to keep us strong.
Friends and family to cope with,
While we are together.
Life and death are always together,
the light and the dark are always one.
Even when we are far apart,
we can still sing together while looking at the same sky.
We stand together on the same land,
so even if you are lonely,
don't be sad.
Even if you are painful,
I'll be there.
Even if you lose hope,
please believe.

As we are born to know
the meaning of life,
We have to be happy
so we don't lose to ourselves.

At the moment,
Let's have breakfast,
so we can gather up some strength
just to overcome-
today ^_^