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Thread: You know when youve watched to much Yu yu hakusho when...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jagan Eye View Post
    Some that apply to me

    1. When your username reflects it and then you come up with variations on other sites so you don't lose the YYH
    2. When you bring up YYH references to people who don't watch anime
    3. When you read the Shonen Jumps for the purpose of reading YYH
    4. When its your favorite anime
    5. When you force your brother to play YYH: DT rather than all the new games he buys
    Number 3, man, number 3. That's the only reason I bought the magazine. I occasionally read the others, but I wouldn't have subscribed to it if YYH hadn't been in it.

    Ok! You know you've watched too much YYH when:

    -You scream, jump and high-five anyone who recognizes the title (guilty)
    -You can quote the episode by heart (guilty at once point in time...haven't seen the anime since school started)
    -You've had a Yu Yu Hakusho marathon a week before school starts (
    -You beg your friends to buy you the manga because you're too poor to afford it (jobless...^^)
    -You paint your face with characteristics from your favorite character (several of my friends will vouche for my third eye, even though they didn't recognize the reference)
    -You do or have done your hair up like your favorite character (which I would've succeeded if my mother hadn't stopped me when I tried to put the glue in my hair)
    -You've been one of the characters for Halloween (still have the's a little small, but it also goes with my...uh...pirate outfit...)
    -You can remember the very first episode you watched (the very last episode of Maze Castle)
    and -You became friends with 3 of your 5 best friends for life only because they shared a common obsession with the show (which I screamed, jumped and high-fived when I discovered this [we're not still friends just because of the show though])
    oh! and -You canceled your Shonen Jump subscription because you renewed it too late and missed an issue and thus missed a part of the Yu Yu Hakusho story line and couldn't find the magazine in stores (thanks alot mom)

    ...maybe this thread should be retitled "You know you're obsessed with YYH when..."
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