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Thread: Anime's Name?

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    Default Anime's Name?

    Hello, A while back, maybe a few months. I started to watch these two anime's but after the first watching the first episodes I forgot all about them.. and just resonantly remembered about them of course it's very little. So I decided I'd post on an anime forum to see if anyone could help me into remembering the names.

    The first one was kiss dum.

    still don't know the second:

    Starts with these things attacking what I think is a hospital and these cops are trying to hold them off until the special forces arrive... but the special forces are going to be to late so the head of the cops turns to this guy who has the same power as the special forces do.. I think it was some kind of mech... but I think he was looked at as a fugitive since he always wored alone and destroyed eveything and he protected people..

    Well that's all I remember hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about :P


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