Me again with my random questions xD
I'm sorry for bugging you all so much!

Here we go~

What is the meaning of 「もん」 at the end of a sentence?
Example: 「恋愛とか愛するとか好きとかもう無理ですもん」
I understand the sentence but I just don't know why 「もん」 is there. Is it just like 「よ」 in the sense that it doesn't mean anything and just gives a different kind of emphasis or something?

What's 「チョリース」?
Example: 「チョリース!!でいきますよ!」
A girl kept saying it in this video I was watching... perhaps it's just her catchphrase or something? xD

This sentence:
What? "One thing I noticed... ?"
According to, 「向く」 means "1: to face; 2: to turn toward; 3: to be suited to; to be fit for".
Perhaps he's saying that someone might be well-suited to the game they are playing?

All of the above sentences I got from - someone posted this on another thread. 「愛してるゲーム」... sounds fun xD

Two more questions...

Why when I see Japanese people around the internet is there always lots of 'w's in their messages? Is it like 'lol' or 'xD' or something? =p

Shouldn't there be a 「だ」 after 「こと」? And can you use the same particle twice in one sentence like that?

... whups this post is wordier than I wanted it to be =(