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Thread: Inseparable Bond (Itachi&Sasuke)

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    Default Inseparable Bond (Itachi&Sasuke)


    Iím so sorry my beloved little brother

    I couldnít tell you it was my mission

    We were really meant to be together

    But I already made my decision


    There will come a time when weíll meet again

    But only when youíll be like me

    My love for you will only deepen

    And I know my dream surely happen


    I need you to despise me

    Because I want you to grow

    I need you to hate me...

    And thatís all you should know


    Cling to life and run away if you have to

    Curse me little brother for the things I do

    I canít tell you that what I did wasnít wrong

    But all I want is for you to be strong


    You are still young my dearly loved brother

    Pure of heart, but thereís something deeper

    Itís very hard for me if weíre apart

    But I planned all these right from the start


    You were still a child back then

    I stained my name and hands with blood

    Blood, for I slain our entire clan

    I destroyed them all except for my most important one


    I asked help from Madara

    I did not do it by myself

    I fulfilled the duty entrusted to me

    But I also failed, for I ensured your lifeís safety


    Only a few including Madara knew these things about me

    I never wanted them to tell you the story

    I want you to be protected and unharmed

    For you really mean the world to me


    When I left during that night

    And I was already out of your sight

    I left a few things then you ran after me

    I took them allowing my tears to set free


    That same night you thought you were hallucinating

    You saw a person like me in front of you crying

    Itís time for me to go dearest brother of mine

    Even if Iím gone I know youíll be fine


    I joined Akatsuki and became a missing-nin

    The other shinobi thought of it as a grave sin

    Youíre becoming exceedingly talented, Iím so happy for you

    A few more years and my vision will come true


    You lived by the goal I set for you

    Hurry up little brother for my time will meet its due

    Iíll die in your hands with a smile on my face

    For I know that you lived by your ways


    I love you more than our parents and the others

    I love you more than everything

    I donít care if I bring dishonor to my name

    As long as I know that youíll win this game


    I never care if you despise and hate me

    Just remember what I told you when we were little kids

    Iíll always be here for you

    Iíll always be your big brother and that is true


    Things about me you seem to know everything

    For in fact you never knew anything

    Iíll not give anyone else my life

    Only for youÖ for you are my life


    You may not understand a single word right now

    For you are still a precious child

    But when my death will come before your eyes

    My final smile will then make you realize


    I made an unpleasant deal

    I removed your cursed seal

    I wanted you to be alive

    For I knew that you will learn to survive


    I then transfer to you my own techniques

    And poke your forehead just in time

    Saying, ďForgive me SasukeÖĒ

    ďÖthis will be the last time.Ē


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    A true man, a true shinobi... and a true brother. That was Itachi. It will never change.
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