I just wanted to post here to find some people knowledgeable about anime/manga - and what better place than AnimeForum?

I'm from a distribution company for independent film and documentaries called IndiePix (www.indiepixfilms.com) and we just signed a doc by Ray Castle called "MANGA MAD" about the history of Manga and the Otaku culture. This isn't the type of documentary we normally release (we cover social issues, mostly) so we're looking to find a way to get word out about the title, and could use some reviews from the Anime Community to get a discussion going!

That's where you all come in - I can send out somewhere between 'a couple' and 'a few' screeners of MANGA MAD to people here at AnimeForum, free of course, provided you promise to take some time to write your thoughts about the film.

So post a little bit here in this threading saying why you should get a copy (and essentially proving that you can spell) and I'll pick some people at random (and message them privately) and send them the film.

Thanks so much!

David Jackson
IndiePix Films