Hi guys (those who remind me) I won't say that I'm back, but I wanted to post this poem of mine here to see what you think about it. It' about love through the internet (maybe knowing this will help you understand the title better). Hope you like it:

You are nothing to me

Youíre nothing to me,
nothing but the one I love
and the one I badly need
but youíre not even here.

Youíre nothing to me
than a distant perfect dream
that is everything but real,
a pact which canít be sealed.

Youíre nothing to me
but my daily dose of pain,
constantly my love you drain
but you give nothing in exchange.

Youíre nothing to me
just the brightest star there is,
what lights up my darkest night
to show me how far from you I am.

Youíre nothing to me,
just everything thatís sad
and all the perfect love
that I will never have.

Youíre really nothing to me;
some unreachable paradise
with everything I long for
and everything I love.

- Kalt