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The removed everything from my post. Luckily I saved it ^_^

Because they had no right to actually edit it so far I know. And if they would even change the rules and say – Oh noes your not allowed to post youtube wids with death and gore QQ

I’d report everyone who tries to show a nice vampire vid.

And they piss me off immensely. The mods that is.

Me? A problem with my brain? No, no, no I just find women to be some of the world’s greatest monstrosities. Some are quite angelic. But that's just “some”. Others are just smelly hypocrites and d-bags. No offence ofc. I have this little view after seeing this and that.
You have no freedom of speech on the Internets. It's a site run on a server own by two people- they could edit all of our posts to say whatever he wants if he felt like it with little or no justification. When you signed up for the site, you agreed to a set of rules set by those people. If you don't like it, you can leave. No one will miss you.

The rule that was broken is that the site, with the exception of the pay to post board, is to remain PG13-esque. Posting gore videos is against that rule. If you can't make an argument without youtube videos, then you don't have a valid argument.