I want to make this thread dedicated to the amazing and wonderful SeraMyu. I haven't seen many threads for it (or over looked them...) and I thought it would be a nice thread ^___^ SeraMyu is amazing and I recomend if anyone hasn't seen them you should take a peak. They are wonderfully sang and preformed. XD It spaned 29 musicals and over 800 preformances in all. Also recently a second stage, third Sailor Moon preformer Miyuki Kanbe passed away on June 18th. She was 24 years old and died of Heart Failure. I was so sad when I heard this... I put it up in case if any Sailor Moon wanted to know... I hope maybe if people look at this thread they might watch SeraMyu, which is really my goal If this is the first time of anyone hearing of the Sailor Moon musicals I hope get intrigued enough and watch some!