Vegetarians, the individuals that detest eating meat because they think it is wrong to slaughter animals (well it is in a way). They protest it although their stand will never be recognised as human will never stop eating meat as it is part of a healthy diet. By not eating it they are not stopping the killings of animals but instead are just being silly and becoming weak and pale, for reasons that I do not understand.

What do you think of this? Vegetarians, the people that diet from animals for certain purposes, that still choose to eat fish. I ask this because my vegetarian Nanny had dinner at my house today and she absolutely adores fish. In fact it is her favourite meal.

I for one do not understand. Surely eating fish defeats the point of having a vegetarian diet, or any kind of meat for that matter. They still go through the same basic process as chickens or cows, just a little less brutal, but nontheless still slaughtered. Or rather drowned by air. I see eating fish the same as eating any other dead animal. I just thought your average vegetarian excluded all meat from their diet.

Anyway, if their are any vegetarians out there that still eat one or two different meats, does not just have to be fish, but any, could you explain? I should have really just asked my Nan, although I did not think at the time.

On a side note, what do you think of vegetarians as a whole?
*If you are a vegetarian then please take no offense. As you all know my Nanny is one! ^-^