Alright True Believers!

The time has come for a Table top RPG here at AF, and after speaking with Mina and Ace, I have permission for it, so I need players. I want REAL players, and real things. Send me a note and tell me what kind of table top experience you have. If you wanna learn, then now would be a good time. How it will work is like this:

We have ways of rolling dice of any sort, so anything can do there. I plan on leading a group of adventurers through an twisted adventure! I have pre-generated characters I plan on using for this, however, if you have experience and would like to bring something in, then send me the character sheet, and I will roll with what you give me. Fair warning. My game for this will work simple. =3 I roll all dice through the bots, so anything random will be there. As for character creation, standard third edition will be fine.

The scene by scene will take place just as fast as I get it going. XD So....Players are the only hang up. And this is something I plan on doing regularly.

Simple rules. =3

1.) Story Teller is god, and Dungeon Master, and if there is a problem, then god handles it. Period, end of story.

2.) When it comes to the ROLEPLAY, such as....characters actually conversing and so forth, there will be times when we will be using the RPG room for such purposes. So there will be a standard action Roleplay taking place, however, it will be done by D&d based rules, so chances of having a Neko....anything walking in will be trounced. Once enough players get involved, I have other ideas about expanding it so that it is taking place as long as there is as many people in the game as needed. With a DM Running the interactions closely. Should there be conflict, it will be handled in character, which once I get people, I will go into more detail on a lot of this.
3.) I will be using Maps, books, and standard rules for most of this.
The campaigns will actually be original, and I plan on only doing things in one particular way. Right now, this is the trial run, so there will be bumps, and if there is one thing I know about, it's adaptation, so experienced players would greatly help this out, both in keeping the game going, and as well as helping new players as it goes along.

Create thy character! =D

Email/pm me what you got, and let me know!
I will be keeping a working copy of all character sheets for the players involved, and monitoring all effected things as the game goes on.

As well! Experience is key, because the rules of the game are going to be laid out as we go, so naturally, if you can play a character, and feel like putting work into it, the more description you do on something the better, and it can get you extra experience points.


I'm stoked. ^^ This is a wonderful project, and what rpers around here have always whined about. So now is the time.