Okay, this is more of a temporary series. The main character is Miko Lavenski, who is a non-series Mist nin that is also a Dragon, something that a friend of mine came up with. Miko is the Air Dragon, the one that has power over wind, or air. This part takes place between the exams and when Itachi and Kisame show up. It introduces her and her sensi and sets a distinctive mood between Miko and the Sound.
Enjoy and give me advice and whatever else on my stories.
"Come on! Think about killing me! Fight me!" Miko's sensi, Sigoh, commanded, shoving her.
"Right!" Miko hacked at him with her kunai, causing him to step backwards or lose a finger. Miko lunged at him and brought a second kunai up to fend off his attacks.
From a distance, the Mizukage watched his daughter. Miko kept pace easily with Sigoh, despite the rank difference and the fact that Sigoh was one of the best ninja in the Mist village.
"My Lord..." ANBU member Xen appeared out of nowhere.
"Yes?" The Mizukage turned.
Xen whispered something in his ear and a troubled look fell across the Mizukage's face.
"Of course. Sigoh!" The Mizukage said, turning to the jonin.
"Yes?" Sigoh asked, gesturing to Miko to wait for a moment. The moon and a look from her father told Miko that it was time to go to bed.
That night, one of her teammembers knocked on Miko's door. When Miko answered she said, "What's going on? Is something wrong?"
"Well...Miko...Sigoh-sensi...he's dying!" Miko's commrade allowed tears to come to his eyes.
"WHAT?!" Miko screamed. She followed him to a battleground near the water.
"What happened?" Miko asked.
"I don't know. These Sound ninja just appeared out of nowhere and started killing everyone! I...I ran as soon as Sigoh was overtaken." He said.
"Bare your shame now that you didn't die with them while I search for Sigoh-sensi." Miko hissed venomously.
Miko found him quickly, ravaged and in a bloodied heap. She approached in silence, searching for any sign that he was still alive.
Sigoh's voice came weakly, and made Miko's body shudder, "M-Miko? Is that you?"
"I'm here." Miko fell beside him.
"I-I'm glad you're here. You trusted me and I failed you." Sigoh whispered.
Miko took his hand and shook her head, "There was nothing you could do." A tear slid down her cheek and landed on her hand.
"Miko...Don't cry...I want you to be strong...just like you always have been..." A coughing fit overtook him and blood seeped down his jaw.
"Sigoh..." Miko said softly. The area around the wound on his stomach was getting redder and redder.
"Miko, do you trust me?" Sigoh asked.
"Of-Of course." Miko nodded.
"Than...set out...and find Hoshgaki Kisame. Only he will be able to release your true potential." Sigoh said, releasing a deep breath.
"But-" Miko began.
A bloody finger touched her lips, "No more questions, no more objections, your mission now...is to make sure that Orochimaru...dies...no matter what." Sigoh closed his eyes and his chest stilled.
"SENSI!!" Miko screamed.
Crows and bats flew into the air as her scream echoed across the water.
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