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what the hell limin, like seriously?

how does kagome cause all the trouble? she isnt even a villain.

she blew up naraku when he nearly killed sango and everyone. how about giving kagome credit for that.

kagome shouldnt even be included in this poll because shes THE MAIN CHARACTER AFTER INUYASHA. she released him from the tree and she can see the shards. how about giving her credit for that?

kagome has as trong personality inside and won't let take s h i et from anyone, thats why i like her. all of you who say she whines, stop judging kagome by her english dubbed voice. i feel bad for kagome because people have to be so mindless about the fact that IT ISNT HER FAULT SHE GOT THAT ENGLISH VOICE ACTRESS.

kagome forever, word.


got that outta my system..
Well said. =3 I mean seriously.

All the girls really, (except for Ayame because-lets face it people-the wolf girl was just a filler-in there for 3 eps and nothing more) are actually very vital to the series, and extremely useful--when they're needed at least.

When they're not-they ALL just act as cheerleaders...lame IMO, but they are very useful when needed.