Hi guys, here is stoneheart92. Recently, i've been looking for new animes for watch. So far, not much success. I watched Amvs of some animes such as:
-lucky star (so many little kids OO is it for kids or what)
-evangelion (too much fight, serial experiment lain was really better than this. I don't want too much action but story. Otherwise I can go watch bruce lee's film)
-hitohira (I give up after the first ep)
-kanokon (omg... little kid as main caracter in an ecchi anime who does nothing. and some people said this show is better than Spice and wolf ! ?AHAHA LOL)
-school days (I don't want to traumatize anyone, no comments)
-tokka gettan (I have no idea what's going on)

I'm kinda tired of the school life, of all the fights (except when it comes to ecchi ) Here are some series that I really liked:
-Heroic age -Lamune -Air tv -Serial experiments lain -Nagasarete airantou -5 cm per second -ef tale of memories -sola -true tears
-overdrive -elemental gerad -elfen lied -H2O
-scrapped princess (dragon and human) great
-spice&wolf (wolf and human) great
-claymore (demon-human and human) great
-shingetsutan tsukihime (vampire and a special human) great

If you haven't watched any of it I strongly recommand it you. Also if you can judge from the ones I liked, can you suggest me some good animes of the same kind? I really like bound between human and non-human. These are great.

Onegai! arigatou go sai ma su!!!