Has anyone here (probably the people who have been playing MMOs for a while) notice that Online RPGs just end with a big splat?
For example, my very first MMORPG was RuneScape. I loved it. I quit like a year or two later. I picked up WoW, and loved it. Quit a year later or something. And then I just played random free MMORPGs around the net for like a month at a time and now, I'm sick of them all.

None of them have a consistent system that keeps me playing. I have no idea how some people can play these things for days and not get bored. Basically, you're either farming for hours to get money, or killing stuff for hours just to get up a level or two. It's ridiculous. Crafting is usually the only thing that keeps me playing for longer periods of time, and once that gets boring, I just quit.

Anyone here have the same thoughts?