short chapter here

for naruto its was like only 2 seconds had passed since Nate had spoken to the kyuubi. He took his hand off naruto’s forehead and sighed
“so that’s how its gonna be…” he sighed
“what?” naruto asked
Nate walked over to the window and stared at the city that he had once been proud to call home
I haven’t had a student since the great war….and now yondimane wants me to train this kid” he though “the last one was stupid and got himself obliterated….. maybe this kids different?, I cant teach anyone anymore…but this is yondimane’s son. He saved this village, and he’s lived his life in pain…I suppose I have to”
“kid” Nate said
Naruto looked up at him
“do you want to keep getting beat up here?” he simply asked
“NO!! they don’t even have a reason! They just call me a demon and say that I deserve to die” naruto yelled on the verge of tears.
“then how about coming with me?” nate asked “I could train you to become strong and defend yourself against them, I could hep you with your gift”
“gift?” naruto asked “what's my gift?”
“I cant tell you that now, you will find out in time” Nate said “so how about it naruto? Wanna be a ninja?”
Naruto beamed at this “really! Can you really makle me a ninja!” he yelled happily
“sure… but you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and hard work” Nate said
“yeah! I can I do that!” naruto said as he bounced up and down in the hospital bed
“then pack your things tonight and we’ll leave tomorrow” Nate said
“YATTA!” naruto yelled as he hugged Nate
-The next day-
Naruto and Nate were standing at the gates of konoha.
“we better get going naruto” Nate said “we want to reach the fire country boarder as soon as we can”
“Why?” naruto asked
“Lets just say some people weren’t so agreeing about you becoming a ninja” he said as looked back at the village and scowled
“but the fire boarder is 50 miles away!” naruto protested
“Don’t worry” Nate chuckled
He then made a chain of hand signs unknown to naruto and slammed his palm into the ground. After the smoke cleared, a giant bird was standing there, the bird had orange and purple feathers with long red feathers trailing down its back and down to the ground and was the size of a house
“COOL!” naruto yelled
The giant bird turned its heads and looked over at the kid then turned to Nate
“Nate…you haven’t had a student in years” the bird said, its voice was sweet and calm
“I think this kid could be the next akuma meijin” Nate said proudly
“this kid?” the bird said in surprise “he looks a bit scrawny doesn’t he? Are you sure?
Nate leaned in and whispered something in the birds ear, its eyes went wide with surprise.
“this kid is the…” Nate clamped his hand over its beak
“I don’t want him to know that yet” he said
“right…so where to?” said the bird
“the temple” Nate said “we’re going home”
Nate placed naruto on the bird and then hopped on as well
“brace yourself kid” he said
“why?” naruto asked. He got his answer as the bird took off at tremendous speed toward the boarder.
By the time they were half way its was 7 o’clock and naruto had fallen asleep. Nate looked down at him
“kid reminds me of my self” he laughed as he looked over the beautiful crimson sunset