So there was duplicate a birthday thread, it had total 3~5 posters .. I replied with a post like this :

"Blind much?"

And a link to the original thread.

Now our moderator MaruDashi deletes my post and closes the thread while also pointing to the original thread.

Alright, I decide to give him negative reputatior for the deed, and y'know what? That [insert a bad word here] gives me bad reputation back and says my post was "rude".

So what the [F]?

When someone posts a duplicate birthday thread to someone, while the original thread is 3 - threads below, my comment "Blind much?" Is rude and deserves to be deleted?

Yes - I'm going to [B] about every issue I'm having with the moderators here. Why? Because I don't like their actions at all.
The only ones whom I respect now are Administrators. Period.

Because if the the rules were actually this strict, then most of the posts should be deleted just like that, but they aren't.
So stop doing it or do it to everyone.