Am I the only one who thought that Goku's first transformation to SSJ1(Super Saiyan) was just purely awesome?? I mean, I wish I could do that!!
What other Super Saiyan transformations did you like?? But what I really wanna know is, what you thought about Goku's. Frieza looked curious and a little bit afraid when Goku started his angry transformation. And when he finally did go Super Saiyan, it seemed like the most dramatic SSJ1 transformation ever(I guess, considering it's the first one to be seen in DBZ). Frieza had the same look in his eyes when Trunks transformed. Too bad Vegeta didn't transform until the beginning of the Androids saga, it would've been cool to see him and Goku turn SSJ1 and defeat Frieza together, or to see what it's like to see Vegeta fight Frieza in SSJ1 form.