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Thread: Question!

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    Thumbs up Question!

    a while ago, like 5 years maybe? i dont kno, theyre was a show, i cant quite recall the names of any characters or anything which is kinda unhelpful but: it had large, gundam like war machines, it was based back in time if im not correct (they fought with swords and such), and theyre was a kid who's brother was sent to fight a dragon to earn some social status, but he got his arm bitten off, but the dragon didnt kill him and some ppl got him and made him a mechanical arm, and those ppl who saved him are the bad guys of the show so the long lost brother is on the bad guys side, and basically from what i can remember (i only saw a few episodes and can remember VERY little as you can see) the lil bro was on some quest for somthing.

    anyway whoever can give me the name of this television show gets mad respect because its kinda made me sad that i cant watch it anymore and that i was to young to appriciate it at the time, so id like to get ahold of the name and hopefully that will lead me to some episodes somewhere on the net. thanks, reply asap please.

    edit: sorry for puting under gundam, i just thought it was similar. stupid mistake i kno i apologize please still reply.
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