The fine print: This thread has nothing to do with your height. If you do post your height in this thread, I will personally smite your rep into fiery oblivion.

I've been thinking: We can all tell when someone is tall or short, right? That's easy, you see a person, you can tell whether they are short or tall. But can you pinpoint at what exact height is the transition point? Is there even a transition point? (This really isn't about height, it applies to temperature, speed, most anything that you can gauge by hand)

I'm leaning towards an inherent randomness in how you gague a person's height. If you see a person that is
* very short, you're 100% likely to call them short
* sort of short, you're 75% likely to call them short
* average height, it's 50-50
* sort of tall, you're 75% likely to call them tall
* very tall, you're 100% likely to call them tall

Naturally, this breaks if they are not the only person around, if that's the case, you take your estimation of their height into account as well.