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Thread: Deathnote-The Game (Full Mystery Game)(Fan Game)[Registration Open]

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    Default Deathnote-The Game (Full Mystery Game)(Fan Game)[Registration Open]

    Death Note: The Game

    NOTE:Signups for this game will start today, and the game will be played next Sunday(4-13-08). This game will be played with Aim, and I GUARENTEE This is worth the read, and the sign up. You will enjoy yourself very much. We are going to sign up using Aim Usernames. If you are a deathnote or mystery fan you will love this game! Please read carefully, the bottom is the most important part, and post here with questions and sign ups. Thank you, we put alot into making this game.

    Basic Game Information:

    -This is a murder mystery game based off of the Anime Deathnote. Basically this game will take place in one main chat room in AIM, and no one knows who is Kira or L, other then themselves. You are all trying to defeat the enemy before the enemy defeats you. Most of the skills in this game are done in Private IM’s with only 2 people. Once the chat room is made and everyone is told by the Ref what character they are the game begins and you may start interrogating each other trying to find out what the identity of each person is, you can do so in the chat room or in your own Private IM with one other person. This is a very enjoyable game, and once you read this you will probably understand how it works. Please read carefully.

    -There must be 6+ people in order to play this game, plus a ref. (8+ recommended)

    How it will work:

    There will be a main chat room open in AIM with all the players. You will pick a number between 1 and 100, and the Death god (Ref) will do the same. The person with the closest number to the Ref’s guess will be Kira, and the one who was farthest away will be L. They will be notified via Private IM (in AIM). The backup L will be picked at random by the Ref and notified as well. Every else will be notified that they are just an Investigator. When you post your guess for the number in the beginning it is first come first serve, no one can pick a number that someone else picked. After this the game has started, it is now Kira Vs L. Kira must kill L and L must find out who Kira is. Read below to see how to play.


    -1 Kira
    -1 L
    -1 Backup L
    -Backup Kira (appointed by Kira)
    -1 Deathgod (Ref)
    -Everyone else (3+) Investigator

    Character Info:


    One person will be a Deathgod, the Deathgod is basically the Mod, or Ref. When someone Dies he will post it in the main chat room that they have officially died, and they will be removed from the room. If Kira or L dies he will post in the main chat room saying that they are dead, and the backup will now take their place. For example, say L died, the Ref would announce it in the main chat room and say that the person who is “backup L” is now officially L. All uses of the skill “Confrontation” (see special moves) must be reported to the Ref Privately through AIM, the Ref will know at all times who everyone is and if they are supposed to die, or change their status in any way. Please see the Confrontation Charts below to see what happens in all uses of the skill “Confrontation.” If you are unsure about something, ask the Ref privately, before doing it, so that you don’t make a mistake, or break the rules.


    One person will be Kira. Kira has a death note, and is able to kill only a certain amount of people per game. The number of people Kira will be able to kill will be equal to half of the players in the game (not counting ref)(round up on odd numbers). In order for Kira to win he must kill both L, and Backup L, meaning he must be careful who he kills, as he has a limit to how many people he can kill. When Kira is confronted by L, he dies one minute later, and the person who was appointed Kira becomes Kira.

    Kira’s Powers:

    (See special moves for detailed effects of moves)
    -Appoint New Kira


    One person will be L. L is trying to capture Kira and whoever Kira appoints as Backup Kira. In other words for L to win he must capture Kira and Backup Kira. When L dies backup L will become L, and the L who died will be out of the game.

    L’s Power:
    (See special moves for detailed effects of moves)

    Backup L

    You are basically a investigator, until L dies. In the case that L dies, you will take over as L, but be careful, because if both L and you die, then Kira wins the game. Upon becoming L, you have basically changed your character to L (see L under character info, for more information.) If the skill “kill” (see special moves) is used on you then you lose the ability to be the backup L, and will remain an investigator until the time you die. If Kira has used the skill “Kill” on you, then all Kira has to do is kill the original L to win, as you will not take over as L anymore.

    Backup Kira (appointed by Kira)

    In the event Kira dies you will become the new Kira. You will be told the amount of people that you are allowed to kill, as it carries over from the previous Kira, but being a new Kira you get one extra kill added on. The Ref will IM you privately with this exact number. Until Kira dies you will act as an Investigator. You can only become Backup Kira upon being appointed by Kira, which means Kira must use the skill “Appoint New Kira” (see special moves) on you. If you are the Backup L and Kira tries to Appoint you to be the next Kira you MUST tell him you are back up L and he MUST use the skill “kill” on you instead. (see Confrontation chart below).


    You have no power, and are a sitting duck for Kira, but don’t get me wrong you are not useless. Your job is to try to find out who other people are, including L, and help L win, BUT you do not have to help L. You could backstab L if you want and help Kira. The main reason to backstab L would be if Kira was going to use the skill “Confrontation” on you, then instead of Kira killing you because he has no use for you, you could make a deal with him and help him find L, in return for being kept alive longer (see Special moves for info oh how killing works). You can work by whatever means. You can lie and pretend you are someone else if you want, the only exception to this is that if the skill “Confrontation” (See special moves) is used on you, the person using “Confrontation” (See special moves) must honestly tell you who they are and you must honestly tell them who you are, report to the Confrontation chart below to see what happens depending who is confronting and being confronted. Please note you do not have any skills as an investigator, so do not pretend to confront someone, pretending to use a skill is against the rules. If you are killed by Kira, then you will simply die at the time designated (see special moves for more details).

    Special Moves:

    Note: When using special moves type the name in bold and then follow what you are supposed to do from there.

    -Used by: Kira and L

    -Information: When you are Kira or L, you may private IM someone and tell them you are confronting them. This gives you all of the power when you do so. You must tell them honestly who you are and they must do the same, then refer to the chart for final effect. This skill has different effects based on who is using it and who it is being used on, see confrontation chart below for effects based on use. Use chart to determine what will happen and then report the confrontation to the Ref (Deathgod). For Kira this move is connected to the move “kill”, kill is basically an extension of this move. Kira may only use this move a number of times equal to half of the players the game started with.

    -When to use: WHEN IN PRIVATE IM ONLY!

    -Used by: Kira

    -Information: If Kira uses the Skill “Confrontation” he will use this effect. What this does is, it allows you to determine how long the victim will live. If it is L, it will be one minute automatically, but if it is anyone else then Kira may specify the amount of time anywhere from 1 minute to 23 minutes, but it must be a whole minute, no seconds. Please report all confrontations to the Ref (Deathgod). To do this Private IM him in this format. Username(Kira)-confronts-Username(Investigator), 18minutes until death. Then the Ref will mark the time and report the person dead and out of the game in the main chat room in 18 minutes(just an example). This counts as an extension of the skill Confrontation when it comes to use limit. (half of the players rule for Kira.)

    -When to use: When Kira uses Confrontation Skill.

    Appoint New Kira
    -Used by: Kira

    -Information: PLEASE NOTE THIS WAS SLIGHTLY ALTERED- When Kira Private IM’s someone Kira will tell them that they are being made the Backup Kira. At this time the person must honestly say who they are. If they are an Investigator then they become backup Kira, but if they are Backup L then the skill "Confrontation" will be used on them instead, and Kira may choose their time of death (see Confrontation, under special moves). If it is L then Kira Dies and L is victorious, this mean Kira must be careful who he makes the Backup Kira, and if he make a mistake it will cost him the entire game. Please report all uses of this skill to Ref (Deathgod) afterwards.

    -Uses: Only one time.

    -When to use: WHEN IN PRIVATE IM ONLY!

    Confrontation Chart:

    The following will show each match up of the skill “Confrontation” and the outcome, remember to report all confrontations to the Ref (Deathgod) when done. Only L and Kira can Confront people, and when confronted you must honestly tell each other who you are,. You must also be in a Private IM between only you two in order to do this. This is an important part of the game please read thoroughly, and refer to it for all confrontations.

    Used by: Kira
    Used Against: L
    Effect: L Dies 1 minute after you report this to the Ref (Deathgod) and Backup L becomes L. The L who was confronted is out of the game.

    Used by: Kira
    Used Against: Backup L
    Effect: Kira may use the rules of the skill “Kill” and pick the time which he will die, Backup L is no longer backup L, and is now just and Investigator.

    Used by:
    Used Against: Investigator
    Effect: Kira may use the rules of the skill “Kill” and pick the time which he will die.

    Used by: Kira
    Used Against: Backup Kira
    Effect: Kira can Kill the one who he appointed backup Kira if he wants, though it is not recommended, because if Kira dies there will be no one to take his place and he will lose, not to mention waist one of his uses of Confrontation.

    Used by: L
    Used Against: Kira
    Effect: Kira Dies 1 minute after you report this to the Ref (Deathgod) and Backup Kira becomes Kira. The Kira who was confronted is out of the game.

    Used by: L
    Used Against: Backup Kira
    Effect: Backup Kira Dies 1 minute after you report this to the Ref (Deathgod), and is then out of the game. After this, all L must do to win is capture Kira.

    Used by: L
    Used Against: Investigator
    Effect: The 2 switch rolls, The Investigator is now L and L is now the Investigator.

    Used by: L
    Used Against: Backup L
    Effect: The 2 switch rolls, L is now the Backup L and the Backup L is now L.


    Players(AIM Username):
    1 )Icefire128
    2 )Darkyoshi87
    3 )MstrSword
    4 )Negacow
    5 )Boomeister71
    6 )xJoeofmarsx
    7 )
    8 )
    9 )
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