Hey guys! I'm drawing a manga and I've decided to try posting it on here to see what kind of reaction I get. If I get a good response I'll post more pages. ^^

My manga is called Supafly, which at the end of the chapter you will find out why it's called that. I drew it all by myself, I am known in other places as Wark_Ento or WarkEnto. Supafly is going to be a fighting/online MMORPG genre mixup of a manga that will be hard but fun to pull off. Currently I am doing the introduction chapter, which is where I introduce some of the characters and their fighting skills among a bunch of random humor. D:

If it seems plotless right now, bear with me. It takes awhile for the plot to pick up, but once I get to it, I hope you'll love it.

Here's the first few pages, tell me what you think! ^.^

Note: By the way, Mercedes is a girl. My skill at drawing girls was below zero when I started drawing this comic. D:

Front Cover
Ch 1 Cover (totally random chapter title; has nothing to do with anything! XD)
Pg 1
Pg 2
Pg 3
Pg 4
Pg 5
Pg 6
Pg 7
Pg 8
Pg 9
Pg 10