As you've probably noticed, I've taken over Feudal now that MaruDashi has gone over to the Miscellaneous Forum. Things will be mostly the same here, and I will pretty much be using the rules that she set into place. I'm just making some minor changes.

1. No Spam.
This includes, but is not limited to:
Double/multiposting. There is an edit button. Use it.
Posting off topic.
Posts considing of only a word or two. No simple "I agree"s. If you agree, give an explaination or some something in addition to that with which you agree. I will remove any posts like this.

2. Dont Flame.
Theres no need to insult someone because they disagree with you. Flaming also leads to flame wars, which then leads to spam, and now you've broken two rules. So just don't do it. This includes trolling and flamebaiting.

3. No cursing.
No swearing of any kind. This includes the use of swears in acronyms, as well as censorship of swears. It is against the overall forum rules, and there are many children who come onto this site. Please respect them.

4. Feudal threads only.
Don't post threads about other shows from other genres.

5. No "vs." threads.
They're annyoing and pointless. So, no Naruto vs. Inuyasha. This includes 'Who should Inuyasha be with? Kikyo or Kagome?' Its more or less a vs. thread.

6. No pairing threads.
They are pointless, and pretty annoying.
This includes "Who should ___ be with?" And "Who would you marry?" threads.

7. No advertising.
This includes any and all other sites.
This goes especially for sites that offer illegal downloads of media.

8. No posting or linking to videos.
People have dial-up, and they would take forever to load.
This could also count as advertising, as well as the illegal distribution of media.

9. No Quizes.

10. Favorite/Least favorite Threads.
With favorite/least favorite threads, post why you like/dislike that character. Memeber who fail to do so will have their post deleted. If I see mulitple memebers doing it, then the thread get closed.

11. Starting new threads.
Always be sure to search the forum using the "Search" feature, to make sure that the thread does not already exist. Duplicated threads will be closed.

Other Notes:
If you have any questions, please post them here.

And remember, just because you didn't read the rules, doesn't mean you're any less exempt from them.