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Thread: Please help me find this anime series!!!!!!

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    Default Please help me find this anime series!!!!!!

    Ok. I saw this a long, long, long time ago and have no memory of the title of the anime. and please, bear with me, because my memory of it is so vague but i need to find it! all i know is that it was definitely a romance-comedy-tragedy based anime.

    i remember that it took place in a high school. this girl wasn't very popular. she was made fun of by her peers and specifically, by this group of guys that were popular and rich. the gang leader of this group seems to be the one who hates her most of all. any way, she befriends this nice boy in school whose sort of a clown and an outsider himself. she likes him, she thinks.

    one day, as i remember, the mean gang leader of the group corners her and begins to badger her, asking her why she hangs out with the boy that she is beginning to like. she defends him and tells the mean leader-guy that she loves this particular boy. and then.... this scene is what i remember the most and is the clue that may help all of you help me in naming this anime.... the gang leader-guy slaps her!!!!!! as if he was jealous of the guy that she likes; as if he loved her all this time that he was horrible to her!!!!

    it was SOOOOO intense and i need to see it again and continue because i want to know what happens! PLEASE, please help me! do any of you know which series i'm remembering.... or am i just crazy?!?!?
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