Right I've looked at my collection and it seems to me that there is little out in the UK for Gundam Manga...

I have:

Mobile Fighter G Gundam - Vol. 1 (discontinued title)
Mobile Suit Gundam Ecole du Ciel - Vol. 1-5 (stalled, 6 awating)
Mobile Suit Gundam Lost War Chronicles - Vol. 1 -2 (stalled, discontinued?)

MS Gundam SEED - Vol. 1 & alternate final ending (untranslated)
The rest are featured in GundamAce Vol.34
MS IGLOO 603 - GM Camouf (untranslated, extract)
Gundam SEED Destiny
Gundam SEED Destiny Astray
Mobile Suit Gundam The Origins
After War Gundam X: Under the Moonlight
Char's Deleted Affair: Portrait of a Young Comet

And that's about it. I've read a bit of Blue Destiny, the part where these Doms attack Ground Type GMs in a city..

Unforunately nothing new has come out from Tokyo Pop, so it's definately a nuisance that all they're releasing is the yaoi, shoujo stuff.

So what do you guys have?