OK, first i don't know if this is the right place to do this but here it goes.... ok for almost a year i've been working on my own perception of pkmn and take it to you tube, and i did... but there hasn't been much response from the you tube audience so i come to you, the spp forums n_n, the BAD thing is i did this serie in SPANISH so if u understand spanish it'll be ok, also in this serie, ZOMG! i forgot it's name xD, it's named "Brad Sceptile comix", covers the history of a sceptile dedicated to drug dealing, as i was saying, in brad sceptile you see everything, form a drunk typhlosion to a annoying guy named nicolai.
For the animation i used Windows movie maker, not a great animation but sure a good script n_n, so far i've created 5 episodes and 1 christmas special, my borther is working har to sub this so u can understand this.