The story takes place at Cross Academy, a school where humans and vampires coexist as classmates (although the majority of the 'Day Class' do not know the true identity of the 'Night Class'). Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are both members of the 'Day Class' who act as Guardians (prefects) between the two classes. While Yuuki possess the ideals of coexisting with vampires, Zero has a deep hatred for them.

I first fell in love with this series because of it's artwork. I happened to see a copy of Shoujo Beat with Yuuki on the cover and began researching what series it had been. Viz has only released two volumes so far, but there is roughly six volumes released in Japan. I've read up to 5, and Zero's past is really driving the story. The amazing character designs are enough of a reason to keep reading though

Is anyone else reading this series? Although initially I really liked Kaname, I think Zero is my favourite character now. Yuuki seems rather conflicted over her feelings for Kaname and Zero, but I hope she picks Zero myself.