I've been on the 'go' more and more lately and rather than leave the forums to the ravage dogs, I've been checking it out on my Sidekick. Now the mobile browser sucks. I cannot highlight text and the moderator functions are iffy.

So I have been stressing the whole, 'Don't post in obnoxious font colors' thing for awhile now... But now its important that you DO NOT post in any font colors aside from the default. I know you feel you must express yourself in color and your stories and poems 'NEED' extra expression...

But in reality you do not need it. If you are an excellent poet or writer you don't need extra colors or italics and what have you. Personally I've also been saying this for awhile but if you need to make your stories or poems large with lots of bold and italic crap then you probably aren't that great of one to begin with.

Not to insult anyone, but honestly you don't need to decorate a christmas tree to make it look pretty. The smell and visuals should be enough. Think of it like nature. Its gorgeous without a bunch of houses lining the streets.

A poem or a story should be so amazing that you can visualize things without having to strain to read the words behind an obnoxious font color.

I do understand italics and bold in certain parts of a story. Like bold is the actions or a word being shouted or emphasised. Italics are thought or dialog... I've seen all of these used correctly I'm merely refering to an entire story in 16 point font bright green or white in bold underline italics.