Keep Asking Why, I Got Answers- Poem January 6, 2007.
Every moment in time, you are on my mind,
No matter how hard they may try,
Nothing can break this bond, your bind,
You calm all my fears, and make me smile when I cry,
You keep asking why,
"Why? Why must you cry?"
"Why? Why do you say you love me so?"
Because itís just something that I do,
"Why do you care?"
Because I am so in love with you,
Because you are the only one for me,
Why canít you just see?
"What did I deserve to have you?"
Its more like, what did I do,
I am blessed with someone as great as you,
And for that I love you more then before,
"Why must I be a burden?"
You are not a burden to me,
You make me smile,
And everything worth while,
"Why do you love me?"
I just do,
Its something I can never explain with words,
But I hope someday I can show you,
"Why do you never give up on me?"
Because dear, I am so in love with you,
I would never turn my back to you,
"Will you forgive me?"
Forever and always,
"Would you ever mislead me?"
I would never,
"Are you willing to spend forever with me?"
I am more then willing, just say you love me
"Will you hold me when I cry?"
My arms will always be open for you,
Iíll be your shoulder to lean on,
You can be assured love,
"Will you leave everything behind for me?"
I couldnít, because you are everything to me,
I would give up anything in the world,
If I could just be in your arms, even for a day,
SoÖWhat do you have to say?