New years is just literally around the corner. So, with that I thought we might try another contest. The forums have grown a lot since we last tried and I think we might get more involvement.

This contest is going to be a short story contest. There is really no limit on how long the story should be. Keep in mind that it is a short story, and not a 'five paragraph to win' story. By all means however if you can write a story that protrays the theme well with detail in 5 paragraphs, do it.

The theme is 'Rebirth'. Anything that is written and fits well with the theme will be judged by the users. However if I read a story and I don't think it fits well, I may ask you to explain how you feel it fits in the theme. if you explain yourself well, ill be more than happy to submit the story for voting.

How to submit your story. Please PM all entries to me via the pm system. If your story is too long to send via pm... Then send it in two. But if it's too long to send in one pm I may ask you to revise it so it's a short story. The pm title should read Contest: Rebirth. If it doesn't I won't count it. This is so I can easily scan my huge pm box for the contest entries.

Voting. Voting will be held as such. I will post each story in its own thread, and make ONE thread for voting with links to all the stories. When voting is complete I will merge all threads together and sticky them. Hopefully we could do one contest a month.

If you have any questions post them here. I might not be able to get back to them until monday, as I'm away for the holidays still. (I'm on my sidekick typing this hehe)